Welcome to the Learning Institute of Family Education (LIFE). We offer educational programs that enable couples and singles to strengthen their families.couple_at_dinner

LIFE develops and presents programs based on the following principles to strengthen families:

  • Renew the emphasis on traditional family values.
  • Provide information and resources to improve and enrich family experiences.
  • Build an extended family networks.
  • Improve interpersonal communications.
  • Increase behaviors that reinforce positive relationships.
  • Learn to break the cycle of unhealthy family patterns.
  • Prepare for divorce management.
  • Identify and minimize the stress in families.
  • Understand the impact of domestic violence.
  • Teach self-determination, self-reliance, creativity, collective work and responsibility.
  • Provide and encourage social values that curtail problematic promiscuity among teens.
  • Raise children with positive parenting.
  • Learn techniques for money management.

Our focus is prevention, education, and collaboration with partners to service the needs of individuals and their families.